Monday, July 20, 2009

A Chicken Called Wanda.....

Or maybe... Monty Python and His Flying Chickens. I am in the town of Montecito, CA. We are renting a house which is literally 5 mins on foot to a beach called Butterfly beach. Google it... In fact Google Montecito. The town is where all the beautiful people have run to, to rid themselves of Los Angeles. It is south of Santa Barbara and north of nothing anyone recognizes. By the way, I am a poor chicken farmer who rented a house... the lowliest house in the town. It is a 1920's rancher that has the same windows, siding and kitchen cabinets, but it is clean, comfy and in a neighborhood of McMansions. It is 1/4 mile from the Biltmore which is insanely snobilicious. A little further away is the Montecito Inn, which was formerly owned by Charlie Chaplin. He always freaked me out. What's that waddling around and no talking all about. What a gig... no lines to memorize just look spooky, carry a cane and make your skunk eyebrows go up and down...

Montecito still has it's share of celebrities; Oprah, Jeff Bridges, Carol Burnett, Jack Johnson, Rob Lowe, Brad Hall, Julia Louise Dreyfus (Elaine on Seinfeld)... and John Cleese, although it is rumored he has sold his place... but..... He kept chickens!!!!!! Yes he was a chicken keeper, how exciting is this? Not really exciting... just interesting, exciting is much to strong a word. He had a 16 acres spot that was on the market for $20+ million. Really? $20M? Egads... I think if I could put $1M in the bank I would be set, but these people are trading homes for 20x this much. My kids are going nuts right now, because as we surf all day, their favorite artist is Jack Johnson and he being a surfer and gifted artist think we can hop in the car and go for a visit! Not without getting arrested my loves.

So, I am off to bed...waves, sun and 4 kids yelling because the other flicked an unmentionable from their nose, takes its toll.


  1. I just found this blog on fb and what a coincidence. I just started raising chickens 3 months ago!(Only 5) I have them in a chicken tractor now and I'd like to let them wander in the yard the only thing is the few times i have, one of them ended up in the neighbors yard and she call animal control. Will they ever learn to stay within an area? Can i train them?

  2. Train...? Hmmmm I think, if there is food on the ground, they don't have a lot of gumption to leave. They are very much home-bodies and don't like leaving. So, keep food on the ground and they will hang close. Also, make sure your chickens wings are clipped. Check out for more details on wing clipping.

    I do not clip my chickens wings, but if they have the need to fly to your neighbor you may need to...