Thursday, July 9, 2009

HOOT is taking control...

Well, it is apparent Hoot is running the roost. She is the most stable chicken in the coop. She seems to rarely get upset, doesn't seem to hen-peck the others, but rules with an elegance. She is like royalty in feathers.

I am also seeing anger!!! Oh isn't this unusual... when there is no food in the feeder, they knock it over! What the heck, we are having food riots in the coop. I can see it now, I am going to walk tomorrow morning and there will be little sandwich boards wrapped around their neck, with chicken scratch on them saying - "Next time we won't knock the feeder over!" WOW.. spooky takes me back to that awful movie The Birds... Oh man, I never loo
ked at a crow the same again and when I did see one, I was sure the posse' was flying in to make my eyes the menu. Jaws was like this... I could not get a stoooopid swimming pool without wetting myself. Therefore, I really never got in, cause it was a cycle of clean, wet, change, clean, wet, change...

Anyway, here is HOOT.... I will report on something more salient later...


  1. What kind of chicken is Hoot? She looks like one of mine that is a Rhode Island Red/barred rock cross. Very pretty!

  2. Purportedly Hoot is an Arcauna. I am not sold on this. I am leaning towards a cross between an Owl and an Eagle.