Thursday, September 10, 2009

COOP Disaster!!!!


Sorry radio silence... busy

I was working on our backyard. It has been down for a few years as we have done remodel after remodel and ultimately not been able to use the backyard for for entertaining or simply hanging out. So, after realizing everytime my kids walk by the windows facing the backyard, they cried.. I thought I'd better do something about it.

So, in a pile, I have tumbled aged bricks... these bricks used to make up my front path. After much deliberation and caving-in, we've decided to reuse these in the backyard courtyard. So, as I was running back and forth with the wheelbarrow, I left the gate to the garden and chickens open. (keeping in mind - dog has not discovered said opened gate)...

As I was laying bricks, I hear a cacophony of clucking. Similar to my in-laws talking loudly over a big pasta dinner.. so it really didn't shock me... until I realized it was our chickens, the gate was open and Fudge the Maniacal crack pot dog had made it back there. Fortunately the chickens were in the coop. However, when a chicken has never seen something, and it sees it for the first time... OH MAN. It is like a schoolyard of kids seeing an alien land in their playground. GOODNIGHT!!! Anyway, Fudge ( I DID NOT NAME HIM)... was running around the coop like a lion circling it's prey, as I make my way back there to command (loosley used term) him away. Upon raising my voice to the level of the space shuttle launch he bolted to the other side of the gate and waited for me to shut it. I return to the coop to see nothing but feathers flying...water turned over and the feeder completely jacked up and bent.

Other than that it was a restful time placing bricks.

More to come tonight...

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