Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Tractor Coops

Tractor Coops? Really?

It was recommended to install wheels on my new coop... "Wheels on the coop?" Genius...! This way you can move it back and forth thus allowing for the "waste" to be left behind, so to speak, and then cultivated into the soil. Move the coop and viola' you have a new area for the restorative chicken poop process to take place. I did some further research and good grief, Tractor Coops are as prevalent as zits on a teenager. What a sad time in a teenager's life really, the daily war on acne and at one of the cruelest times in our lives... "Hey Billy is that a muffin or a big foul zit on your face?" Cruel and wicked time. Anyway, Tractor Coops, who'd a thunkit? Instead of cleaning out the Coop and dumping the poop into a compost heap, just move the COOP! Instead of taking out the trash just move the house back and forth. Complete sense... anyway, I like the idea, never know when your may need to pull up stakes and head out with coop in tow. See ya later suckers!!!! Baaaaak buuuuk! These are elaborate coops too, some are just dumb, but the wheels aren't square so no matter the detail, it should do the trick. Check some of these designs out....

These are pretty cool, but I think there is a way you can build your coop the way you want it while avoiding the whole Jed Clampett - RV for Chickens.

So, here are some ideas on wheels. BTW, I am not talking about cheap casters or sad little plastic wheels removed from the unused Big Wheel out back, I am talking about hardy, stout wheels that could transport a bear and the camper filled with donuts he is trying to assault.

Rollaway Soccer Goal Wheels
These wheels are found on large soccer goals that require movement of on a daily or, at least a frequent basis – simply lift the goal up a few inches, push the wheel down and it locks in place for transport. These wheels are comprised of 10" pneumatic tires mounted on 3/4" diameter stainless steel axle with all stainless hardware. Stainless pull-pin allows the wheel to be easily inserted or removed for storage. How cool is this.. insert four pins into the skirt board of the coop and remove the wheels when not in use. Likewise these are very stout wheels and can manage semi-rough terrain and not get hung up. By the way, wheels are great, but if the coop is heavy you will still need help pushing it or pulling to the new location. A simple caribiner on the front and rear of the coop for attaching a winch or come-along might be wise.
These wheels are available at soccer supply house and are not cheap. $350 for four. As I write this I am looking for a more reasonable price via or would love anyone who might have a source to post it.

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