Friday, June 5, 2009

Week One: June 5, 2009

These birds are the perfect kids... the sun goes down and they go to sleep and the saying "Up With The Chickens" has meaning as well... the sun comes up they wake up and are ready to go. The picture was taken last night with Loa (Arcauna) in being closest to camera. The heat lamp goes on around 9:00pm and off around 5:30am.

Came out this morning and they were up... coop is in need of a freshening up, although adding a little deodorizer will be the course of action with some hay added on top. I am going to try the "hot method" of coop management, allowing for a little waste to build with Diatomaceous Earth and Stall Dry added to the coop. Stall Dry and others are used in horse stables and other poop generating situations, to keep the smell in control and combined with DE (Diatomaceous Earth) can keep pest like fleas, ticks and other pesky creatures out. Update later...

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