Monday, July 27, 2009

Manure Among Us...

Another nugget I discovered... chicken manure leeching into the surrounding garden mixed with ABM bedding material is the holy grail of garden growth... Good night Marianne!

The past week while on holiday ( I love that expression - "I going on holiday... right-o, bring the car around and put the luggage in the boot!) , the compost pile was leaking into some fruit trees. It was as though I walked into the backyard 12 mos later.

My test this weekend will be to take the chicken manure and begin spreading and mixing it with the surrounding soil to see what effect it has. I am keeping in mind the heat of the chicken manure and the potential burning of the plants.

I will report back...

BTW - look at the line-up in this movie... can't believe I've missed it!

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