Tuesday, August 11, 2009

About To Graduate....

Well, the kids are about the graduate - to egg-laying. Scary how time flys or in this case flies... I am so proud of them. Starting with six and having to deal with their only hope in Mr. Rooster, leaving for another home, they have coped well.

I have had to keep them in the coop the past couple of days, because I have put in new, immature plants, which they will lay waste to if given the chance. To be fair to them, I should put up a little 3 foot surround around the new plantings, but my time and level of enthusiasm to do so was outweighed by my desire to plant my head on a pillow.

Sorry about the photo through the screen... I was in a hurry... Looks like a chicken playland... I am going to put a tire swing in the coop and cotton candy maker.

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