Saturday, August 15, 2009

Catching Up....

Tahoe, as I noted below, is truly a wonderful place to visit. 72 miles around the lake... over 1700 ft deep, deep blue and quaint towns all the way around. The beauty is one thing, but the fun is another. Water sports galore, mountain biking, gondola rides, miniature golf, horseback riding and simply taking it easy.

Above is one of the annual things we do, which is horseback ride. How cool... meandering through the Tahoe National Forest, making river crossings, up hillsides and down again. One of the things I found myself wetting over, was; bear claw marks on trees. My mind began to race as I thought; do I have the horseback riding skills to outwit or outrun a bear? More importantly, does my 17 year old horse BARBIE, have the skills, anymore? Well, now my mind really raced, Barbie was not the skilled horse she once was and my skills are pathetic. I know to kick, steer, stop and whine. Not much of this is impressive to a bear. Oh No!!!!! My two girls are in front of me... My littlest wouldn't know what to do and my 13 year old is fine.... she has been trained. Now, I realize I am bad parent and have put my kids in danger of a bear attack. Oh good grief, stop it. I managed to get my mind to calm down. We made it back to camp, I calmed down and then realized how utterly beautiful the ride was, even though I nearly croaked.

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