Thursday, June 11, 2009

Chicken Panic?

I am not sure I like this.... This is a new game from Techno Bubble Entertainment in Sweden (yeppo the Swede's again). It is designed for the iPhone. The object is to not let the colored chickens drop to the bottom of the screen or they escape from the coop. Whew! With the little guys eyes popping out, I thought for sure he was cooked.

Here are some screen grabs. The guy looks like a poorly dressed hick drunk coming out of the back entrance to some dive bar. Oh, where chickens happen to be meandering amongst the spent wine barrels. OK, there is some fencing, but I am not buying the whole setting. A stupid hat, skinny arms made for fighting, a shirt that harkens any women to him and tight pants. As you can tell also the syntax in the second picture is perfect English. They might as well write it like a ranson note... " oH NO, mY colOr cHiCKenS eSkapE AgAin." UGH... nice try. The fur-ball chickens are miserable as well.

At least chickens have made it to the iPhone.

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