Saturday, June 13, 2009

COOP Maintenance

OK... sorry for the late post.... I spent some time at Concord Feed and picked up the following;

CornCob by Green Pet Incorporated. This really neat stuff, super absorbent, natural, edible, biodegradible, compostable and the chickens love it. It is like they are on crack right now - ok bad reference... coffee!!! Yeah... too much caffeine. I spread it out with the pine shavings and some hay for a nice all-in-one bedding.

Very cool stuff. I will keep you posted on the success and the ability... for it to keep the ammonia smell down and the COOP fresh as my socks. Also in the shopping basket was;

Garden and Poultry Dust which is designed to take care of the poultry mites among other pesky pests. I sprinkled this in the bedding.

The chickens are now resting since I spent 10 minutes in the coop cleaning and prepping, they were freaking!!!

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