Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Week Two: June 10, 2009

The chickens have found the ramp to the Hen House...

Pretty cool. I come home from work and the chickens have found the ramp to the Hen House and have even traveled up there, pooped of course, and scratched the hay down to the lower level. They are also practicing their flying skills by getting up on the ramp and flying down. It is as though they are challenging each other and practicing - not sure whether this is good, as flying was not one of my pre-requisites for owning them.

The Arcauna's are the most daring and, by far, the most spirited. The two Buff's are like foreigners, seemingly wandering the COOP looking for a place to stay and good restaurant. They follow everyone else and stick together. They are the most vocal though.

The RIR is completely aloof to everything, yet has grown, in size, substantially. Kapalua the one pictured in the middle with the white stripe is a freak. You walk into the coop and she goes nuts... Hoot right in front to the right... is like a dog. Walk in the coop and she runs off because all the others do and then eventually saunters over to me and just looks.

They are eating like pigs and drinking like sailors. We are feeding them (pictured here)

My next determination is how to water them without their need to take a dump in the trough!

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