Tuesday, August 25, 2009


I used to loathe this veggie. It was akin to brussel sprouts for me. Now, after I fry it,smother it in mozarella, red sauce and bake it, I am in love with it. Literally, I am not sure what else I could enjoy more. Some wine from Napa (or Alexander Valley) and some eggplant parmesean and I am a box of fluffy ducks.

BTW, I live near Napa and and did not know this tip...so here it is...if you are going to pick a wine and want a sure fire winner, pick one from the Napa or Alexander Valley. Now don't get all wine snobby on me. YES, there are wines from the Central Coast of California, Australia, France and the like that are good, but honestly, the grapes grown in Napa are incredible. I think this is about as sure fire as you can get as tips go. They are pricier, but they are so much better. Here are some tips;

Silver Oak
Patz and Hall
Clos Pegase

among 100's of others.

Anyway, how did I get here? Oh yeah... eggplant parmesean and wine. Mmmmm good. A little bread some salad out of your garden and your set. I think you could hide a shoe under this and I would ask for seconds.

I planted some eggplant this season and it has gone ape. I planted Dusky and Rosa Bianca. The Dusky is the standard eggplant used worldwide, the Rosa Bianca a lesser known type, but way better. It is the Ferrari of eggplants, whereas the Dusky is the F150....

My suggestion to you is to grab a bottle of the aforementioned, everything in moderation please... too much vino will make you Micky The Dunce quickly. Plant some of these - description to follow:

Rosa Bianca Eggplant
A gorgeous Italian variety with a delicate, mild flavor, creamy consistency, and no bitterness. Considered one of the best by gourmets and gardeners alike. 4-6 in. long, 4-5 in. diameter.

Make some eggplant parmesean and enjoy the fruits of your labor. Better than dropp'in a Ben at Whole Paycheck and watching hard earned jing go from your Dockers to their cash registers.

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