Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Found it.... Oprah? Really?

I am not a Oprah follower and if any of you are, I am sorry, but her actions are becoming more and more odd than real. I am a firm believer that people of her wealth and fame, become bemused by their own pontifications and think the sun rises for them and we, smaller folk, are just getting to share the luck. "Its your world, I am just living in it!"

That being said, I am not interested in complete character assasination, cause I don't know her. I frankly believe what my Grammy said "If your talk'in trash about someone, someone is talk'in trash about you!". My Grammy was a rapping Grammy and had the street-lingo down pretty good. They needed it in the depression.

So, Opfra does a whole show on animal cruelty and highlights chickens, puppy's (really?), and other forsaken animals. Talks about how inhumane these poor birds are treated - 180M a year. Man, I thought I had a lot of birds! 180M? She spouts off about her attempt at a vegan diet and proceeds to hand out 40,000 KFC coupons. PERFECT. Hypocrisy Hole In One!

Come on! These are well-oiled machines of media marvelousness...How can someone say "Hey, ok so on August 19th we'll do a show on aninal cruelty - we'll focus on chickens!. Then on the 20th we'll do one on people who drive pink cars, the 21st ummmm... we'll see if we can get Whoopi... then we have the weekend and on Monday the 24th we'll do our Kentucky Fried Chicken Blow-Out!!!! - yeah for me!!!!"

Ohpra had to see the run sheet. This could not have been that poorly planned. Ahhhhh well yes it could. Honestly this is a tough one to recover from, but in time she will. We have short memories. Although, a string of these and Harpo Productions will see the same fate chickens do at KFC. Don't wish it, cause I also believe... "You reap what you sow!"

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