Sunday, August 23, 2009

COOP Design

One of our readers asked if I knew of a kit for a chicken coop. Yes, I do, but they are so expensive I would be hesitant to recommend them. One, I saw was 4x6 and in it's kitted form it was $2145.00.

I have approximately, $120.00 in my coop - materials only. I have another 4-6 hours in building. It is not like doing differentials... it is quite easy and comes with a ton of satisfaction. If you all would like I can post some plans and cut lists.

Tools needed -

Mitre Saw (hand saw if your nuts)
Tape Measure
Skill Saw for the roof, but you could have the lumber yard rip it

I would screw everything, as screws are removable and nails are - well nailed and can be troublesome to get out.

I would add some extras knowing what I know now, but all in all, I think this is doable for under $200.00, if your thrifty and a scavenger... maybe under $150.00.

If I get some people asking, I will go to the trouble.

Let me know.

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