Saturday, August 22, 2009

Goofy Birds and No Propane

Argh -

I left the propane on last night so as I saunter out to BBQ for my girls, mi no tengo GAS. Being absent minded is one thing, but this chaps my buttocks so much...

So, I am improvising...

Fried Chicken, Red Potato's with olive oil, garlic salt and lemon, arugula salad and some baked bread. Nothing is too good for the girls.

Beyond my blonde moment... I cleaned the coop and messed around with the chickens. They are getting incredibly fun. They are not freaks any more and can hang around with me, even coming when I kneel down. Like a dog, just with two legs, feathers, a beak, weird feet, and the need to swing their head when they walk.

I began dismantling my straw bale and using it for foot traffic and the coop as I need to get more ABM bedding material. The birds were digging the straw. They love scratching it and moving it around. Of course, I lay it out like carpet and they bunch it up like a ball of twine. There is no pleasing them. Once I dismantled you'd thought I had dropped them on off on the food floor of Harrods in London. BTW, if you have not been to London, you need to go to Harrods and go to the food court... CRAZY.

Here they are....

Pictured here are Hoot and Loa. Hoot is in the foreground and Loa, well... the other one. They are both Arcauna's. Hoot is AWESOME. A super cool bird and if she had a Roxy Surfboard and dred locks, I think I would let her in the house.

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