Monday, August 17, 2009

Hen Trauma!!!

So, we had a trauma and with our Rhode Island Red - Millie. Fortunately, my folks were visiting from Southern California - my Dad does music videos for Brittany Spears and my Mom recovers abused cactus and nurses them back to life. She names each one of them. Anyway, as they were visiting my youngest daughter comes flying around the corner of the house yelling: "Millie's bleeding, Millie's bleeding...." When I hear a chicken is bleeding my heart stops... If a chicken is bleeding and in the coop, the other chickens will peck at the wound endlessly - basically ending the life of the wounded bird if not rescued. I ran to the coop to see blood on the beak, right at the nostril and beak union. My folks scamper over, doing moves like Brittany, along with my oldest daughter who is Dr. Doolittle in the making. Honestly, I think my eldest girl could swoon a badger... she has a miraculous way with animals and they respond to her like nothing I have ever seen. You hear of people have a way with animals... which I chalked up to idiotic rantings of the insane and then my daughter walks by a pack of hungry hyenas and they all lay down and take a nap - while she shampoos them with a wire brush. I don't get it.

Anyway, bird is bleeding and my Mom tells us to get a Q-Tip and some hydrogen peroxide and clean her up. Dr. Doolittle grabs the bird, we swab it down, the bird shakes it's head a bit and viola' the blood is gone, the bird was happy and it appeared to heal up so fast it was like it never happened.

Millie is fine and still being hypotized!

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