Friday, August 21, 2009

Garden Destruction


Chickens cluck
Chickens poop
Chickens eat
Chickens poop
Chickens molt
Chickens poop
Chickens scratch
Chickens poop
Chickens sleep
Chickens poop
Chickens dust themselves

Chickens that roam - eat, poop, scratch, dust in your garden. And, if they get on something they like, like lettuce... they eat it to the ground. And if they are trying to get cool, they will dust and settle on Swiss chard. If they are trying to lower their blood pressure they will eat your onions.

After trial and error, more error than success, our chickens are eating the fruits of our garden before we do. This poses a problem. While I want them to be free-ranging and cage free, they've become a threat to my desire for salad, I've grown. The need for fresh eggs, which I am not getting yet, is beginning to wane. I want them in the garden eating weeds and bugs, but I think they've exhausted the bugs and are now fixed on higher level culinary explorations, which means I need to think like a chicken and begin to plot diversionary items in the garden. Is there a dog for this purpose? There are dogs to protect people, cattle, sheep, goats even chickens - but there are no dogs which are breed to protect gardens... A New England Garden Tender, An Midwest Corn Husky... what's up with this. Gardens are in need of protection as much as herds of cattle why not breeds of dogs for this. There has to be some breeder out there who can do this. Cross a Aussie with a head of corn and maybe we'll have something.

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