Saturday, August 22, 2009

Le Coop Is Growing....

Very cool, the blog is growing and with its growth, I am going to go to a soccer game - at 6:30am... yeah for me.

On the way out the I spotted this on my house. It is hard to see, as well, it camouflage's itself, but it is a Praying Mantis on our house and it has taken the color of the home!!! How cool is this?
I was going to go out ans slap some paint all around it and see what happens...but I envisioned my wife awakening to splatters of paint on the home and wondering why she did not commit me when she had the chance.


  1. Enjoying your blog! Question: do you know of any chicken coop kits? What I've found are ready made coops but very expensive. Thanks

  2. There are a couple kits, I do not know of the name off the top of my head, but will look back see if I can locate them. The other thing I wold recommend is hitting the forum on Search their database or pose the question there. Amazing community and thoughtful in their answers.