Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Arugula and Ribs

I have a couple of cooking tips... I love to cook but am not trained in anything other than martial arts and my fists being registered with the cops.

The other night I was BBQ'ing ribs and using a glaze... when I ventured over to my garden and grabbed some mature arugula leaves. BTW, if you allow arugula to mature, heat and spice develop at an alarming rate. Frankly, it cleans out our sinuses and clears up bad breath.

I thought - adding a handful of arugula to the ribs and glaze allowing it to heat up and cook, might add a flavor element to the ribs that would be nice. WOW!
What a combination. In retrospect, I would chop the arugula up and add it to the glaze, adding the arugula mixture at the very end of the BBQ.

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