Monday, August 31, 2009

Technology and Chickens...

So, I took a little time off over the weekend... soccer tournaments, honey-do lists and some gardening kept me away from the computer. Which is a good thing. I must confess, the computer and a blog about chickens, gardening and the like really stands in juxtaposition to each other.

My wife and I work and I mean work... to keep our kids away from the TV and computer. My brother-in-law affectionately calls kids who sit in front of the TV or video games as "Vidiots". While harsh, I think it is true - TV is the only thing we can do, where it has been proven, our brain function nearly ceases and yet blood pressure rises. How messed up is this? My wife and I have found, that the more one of our kids watches TV, the more they want it and similarly, the less they watch it, the less they want to.

I also think it is tragic in this day and age, we are raising kids who would not know a lawn mover from broom and expect praise for mediocrity. They get 65 out of 100 on a test and think they split an atom and patronizing parents sit around and clap for fear they will ruin their precious little 15 year old's spirit. Then they enter the work-world and wonder why their boss is not automatically promoting them for showing up at 9 and leaving at 4.

Oh my... I am on a tear... So, let's move to a happier conclusion... Having a garden, chickens etc. and asking your kids to go pick tomato's, lettuce, parsley and eggplant for dinner and while they are out there, to feed and water the chickens brings continuity to life. They understand the cycle of sowing and reaping and the fact they don't happen at the same time. There is work in the middle and sometimes the work yields big rewards and sometimes stuff dies, but YOU MUST PUSH AHEAD!


  1. My favorite time of day is when I get to collect my eggs and let the girls out to free range....they lower my blood pressure and raise my joy levels....

  2. Round of applause! I agree 100%! My kids have a better apprecation of all aspects of life just by having a couple of farm animals and a garden. There are to many vidiots..lets get kids off the couch! Hey theres an idea for another post.
    ps I do admit I am guilty of lovin the internet though, lets hope they don't notice