Saturday, June 27, 2009

Dirt Baths Run Amuck!

Good grief - We are letting our chickens out more and it is like they have landed in Las Vegas and being ladies, wanted a spa treatment. You know the mud-bath thingy and then wrapped in seaweed and kelp with slices of cucumber in their eyes. No need of lip or teeth treatment since chickens don't have lips! and teeth are scarce... Oh my side... I am too much... anyway.

We let them out last night...and my goodness they hit the dirt like I hit the buffet. It was like a ballet of sorts and absolutely hilarious. once we put them back in the coop, they stood longingly a the door, waiting for their next visit to the spa.

I truly wonder what this does... elephants do it, rhinos do it, chickens do it. I assume without research it is some sort of coating to ward off ticks, mites and may act as actually a cleanser of sorts. Dirt and cleanser, I am sure Palmolive or Oil of Olay is loving this concept.

More postings soon. Specifically on a new program - nationwide called L.E.N.S. (Local Egg Nutrition Standards).

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