Thursday, June 25, 2009

Stamp Of Approval

So, I am looking for a way to make my eggs standout. Not in size or color or education... not in shiney new shoes or jewelry, but in nutrition. The basic egg is 90 days old before you get it. It is raised in miserable conditions, so unnatural, that the chicken doesn't even produce to its normal capacity, but to at best 80%. Then the egg producer needs to get more chickens to make up for the 20% loss and then crowding kicks in. I mean awful shanty-town crowding where the chickens don't even look like chickens anymore, but toothpick models made by kindergarteners.... creepy, weird looking chickens. They end up living FEMA housing, with no medical insurance no nothing and then when they are at the end of their egg laying years, their legs break, their feathers fall off and get pneumonia and die.

So my goal to to prove to the consumers that my, all of our backyard chicken, eggs are different. Higher in nutrition therefore better for you and all the while living like a film star...with feathers, like a boa... and a posse'.

Therefore my goal is to locate a food tester and have these eggs evaluated for nutrition and size. Then stamp on the egg the values. Approximate of course...

I will check with Chuck Norris if he is OK with his fist of fury approval on eggs.


  1. I am a real back yard chicken farmer!! I have about 70 chickens running around in my back yard. I also feel that the way they are raised, in small cages and stacked on top on each other, is pretty pathetic! We want to be healthy ourselves, then the chickens we eat from should also be healthy! good luck with the project! I hope you can bring some understanding to the public and get your stamp of approval. CHUCK ROCKS!

  2. Thanks Amy... you are a real farmer... I am a goofy Dad trying to bring my experience and learnings to a few good hearted people - like you. Thanks for the comments.