Saturday, June 27, 2009

HEAT WAVE - Chicken Mister

Well, had no idea we were traveling to the surface of the sun today. The temperature is 95 in the shade and expected to hit 100+. We are in drought conditions here in the West and are not suppose to be wasting water... So, it was a choice between water or chickens, chickens or I flipped my 1750 two-sided chicken coin and well, it came up chickens. So, I ran down to ACE and bought a mister. Hooked it up and mounted it to the coop. Chickens should be feeling about 15 degrees cooler.


  1. If only I could send the rain to you! We are in NH and it has rained every day for the past 2 weeks! My coop is a muck pit lol! Keep those chickens cool!

  2. My 3 girls stopped giving me eggs in this heat wave, is this the same for you?