Thursday, August 6, 2009

Garden Amendment...

I want to suggest this mixture as a way to bring incredible life to your garden. I have been having fun with posts over the past few weeks, but, on occasion, need to dump in a real-life useful post.

I mentioned a couple weeks ago about my adhoc compost pile, which consisted of ABM bedding material (from the coop)... made up of white spruce and pine shaving pellets, chicken manure and some clippings from my garden. As water has been wetting the pile, the run-off has been feeding some of my plants, not all. The growth and health of the plant is overwhelming. Those which do not have the luxury of being near the compost pile are but mere shadows of plants.

Since ABM bedding is not prevalent, I would suggest pine shavings by themselves, mixed with chicken manure and some other organics, maybe grass clippings or vegetable garden clippings. Allow this to compost for a few weeks and I suggest real chicken poop, not faux-poop imported from a foreign country. Hardware and/or garden centers should have chicken manure, but be aware, this manure is probably pre-cut or diluted with some other carrier, like peat moss. I would suggest finding someone with chickens and getting the doodle specifically for this purpose. I am about to off-load some of my leftovers to neighbors for their compost piles as there is nothing like chicken/rabbit manure to kick start the composting process.

Here is to making &%$# happen!

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