Monday, August 3, 2009

Rooster Removal = Nicer Hens?

OK... not sure what this is all about... but the hens are like puppy dogs now. I arrived tonight thinking; "something will change, not sure what, but removing the rooster from the coop will alter dynamics somehow..." OK so what is the how?

I arrived and opened the coop door and they walked out casually, looked up at me and nodded. One of them curtsied... looked up and winked!
Now I am confused...
I have read that the rooster picks one or two of the hens and focuses his attention on them. The others fight, on occasion, for the attention and try to work up the pecking order, but in the animal/foul/human continuum, I think this behavior mimics in species. The dude spots the girl and makes his move. The girl plays it coy, wide-open or disinterested... I experience the latter. I think this stinks... someone gets lost... "Oh the big rooster doesn't like me" and then the hen is in therapy and the eggs are small or not yellow or muddy green. Then the other hens talk... "Oh look at Sunny's eggs their puny and weird looking" Let's play "scratch" in my corner of the coop. The judgement, the labeling, the hurt... it is simply too deep for me to think about any further.

The coop is calm... the coop is quiet... the coop is easier to manage right now. I like the difference at present, but that is like saying I am having the best vacation ever and I am in the plane on the way there. Juuuuuust a tad bit premature.

I do think this was perfect timing, since they have not starting laying eggs... and I think had I taken the rooster out of there later they would be upset and possibly affect the egg laying production. Or, they are simply happy the big goon is out! The rooster did wear one of those torn up ribbed tank tops with grease stains all over it.
Ohhhhhh great - I just walked out there and the Buff's are consoling the Rhode Island Red - you know red heads all fiery and what not.. She is crying and one scratched in the dirt that that she was upset Kap was not coming back!!!!
I am surrounded by women!!!! A wife, two daughters, a niece, a sister, five sister-in-laws and 5 hens...

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