Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Baltimore = Chicken-Haters!!!

OK.. a little rash, but come on, the quote from a Paul Kowalski (Environmental Health Dept in Baltimore) is "When you live with your food, there is something wrong". How removed do you need to be? What is a safe distance as intimated here? Is it better to be a long way away? Oh maybe in big factories... Yeah that's it... big salmonella breeding, sunless, chicken on top of chicken environments is good! The same environment where all the bacteria-killing investigations have been linked back to! I can tell Paul is a bright, pro-active thinker, one who belongs in government. Here, my friend, is the reason why individuals and communities will make better decisions than any government desk jockey could ever make.
Thanks Mr. Kowalski your an inspiration and fountain of truth.
Pictured above is the poor chicken farmer being beaten down by a bunch of myopic neighbors and government officials.
I need to go listen to my chickens cluck... it is like a babbling brook or a roaring fire or even a Zamboni of tranquility.

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