Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Coop Improvements and Garden

A. painting the coop, red with white trim, building a gardening and staging shelf on the side and adding cedar shakes to the roof. B. Garden is in process... with bush beans, peppers, arugula, carrots and more corn coming up in the foreground. C. New decomposed granite path will be put in to the left with control valves in 4 locations. D. Fence to be prettied up E. Small fence surrounding the garden so the chickens do not lay waste to it.

If you'll remember a neighbor gave this coop to me...and while I love building things, taking time away from landscaping my backyard and finishing up the remodel on the house to build a coop would have propelled me to making the coop liveable for me, therefore electricity, AC, heat, HDTV and the internet. Tough in a 4x8 space and chickens. My wife would have thought it was "cute". Me? No so cute.
I am looking into an automatic waterer and I not talking about the kind you fill-up.. I want something based on a float mechanism.. gets low, it fills...without me being there. I know me... me can be forgetful, me can be A.D.D. "Oh look a squirrel"... and off I run. Just ask my family. Ultimately I am going to need Jetson's like egg collector...something that the egg drops into a hole which triggers a conveyor belt which then delivers them into a soft little blankie in our kitchen...

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