Friday, June 19, 2009

Chicken Eggs - How Much?

I am not sure what this thing is in the picture - it appears to be a chicken, as knitted in a junior high sewing class. However "Nest Egg" is apropos' here
So, in acquiescing to my daughter to raise chickens, I have also opened up the world of people asking if they can "buy" any extra eggs we have. So, as I estimate the production - 200 per year per chicken, I get 1200 eggs per year. I am guessing we consume 360 eggs per year - and upon research it says we consume 276 eggs per person per year. NO WAY!!!! Maybe in cakes, muffins and breads, but in just eggs? No way.... so let me think I bet I consume 3 eggs a week. WOW, that is still 156 eggs a year. Which means, my family will consume 624 eggs a year, which is a little over half the gross. So, this means I can sell... 500 eggs, assuming some spoilage. I see from (which is an awesome site) that prices are all over the board. Based on the sampling; it appears people in a more rural location are getting $1.50-$2.00 per dozen, whereas people in more suburban areas are getting as much as $6.00 a dozen and $12.00 a dozen for duck eggs (guess what Dad is coming home with tomorrow!!!!?). Although I hear ducks are waddling garbage trucks and destroy yards - and I have not see studies on duck intelligence, duck manure, foreign ducks attitudes - I don't need a snooty French duck, giving the English chickens a hard time. Anyway, back to my math... 500 eggs at $4.00/ dozen (slightly conservative given my location) = $166.67. DOH! That's right everyone, living the high-life now. Oh yeah, Wailea Four Seasons, here I come. Good grief, $166.67 A YEAR!!!! And it is saving me, $156 at the grocery store, so my net is $323.00. Not bad - really... but ducks can make you rich. Ducks lay all year round, are coveted for their taste and are - well ducks... beloved in cartoons and good eating. I think in metropolitan areas more can be attained... and no doubt more money in ducks.

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