Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Waterer Extrordinaire - Found!!!

OK.. expensive, but honestly traipsing out to the coop twice a day to make sure they have water is tough. We all live busy lives, mine as a super-model and my kids professional athletes...my wife managing our careers.. who needs to be watering the chickens? I know it builds character but so does sleeping.

Actually I like tending to the chickens it makes me feel like Laura Engels or Opie Taylor (I don't think he had chickens) but he should have. It keeps me humble too.. there is something to cleaning out a coop and watering the chickens... eventually collecting the eggs and then eating, sharing and maybe selling them. Lord knows,
in this economy we could all use some extra scratch! Get it!... scratch and money, looking for money, chickens scratch.... eh.
So, I will buy this Auto-Wata system and hook it up. Funny it is made by the same company who makes the gas cans... Blitz.. OK.. but really, who is the marketing genius who came up with Auto-Wata? I don't get the play on words if there is one. How about Auto-Wat"er"? Or The Infini Water System, Never Foul Waterer? or Never Auto Wata? Just "Auto-Wata?" Exactly! Wata? Wata did you name this? Anyway, it appears it simply hooks to standard hose bib and allows water in on a float system. PetMart has this for $52 UGH! I will find it cheaper, if someone has a link to a cheaper spot let's post it. BTW, this will need to be lifted off the ground a little, chickens are not careful about where they make dirties....

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