Friday, June 19, 2009

Flock Update - June 19, 2009

I love having these birds (famous last words). They are becoming very friendly, very curious, seemingly happy, but who would know... I don't even know if they know their happy. Honestly, if this was the case celebrities with chickens would need to spend their money on chicken counselors and chicken play days and some other insane regime for the birds and for them to spend their money. I will research this and find out what celebrities do with their chickens, maybe I can get a guest interview...! Maybe not.

I still need to order the Never Auto Wata... which I have neglected to do. I need to finish painting the coop and putting on some new cedar shakes. I also need to build a little stop on the upper nesting shelf, since the hay and shavings I put up their get's scratched down.

I also am scheduled for some trips to Sweden and Denmark for business and I will make chicken farmers a focus, so I can make this an international blog. Pretty important stuff here.

(Hoot (Arcauna) is pictured above with Millie (Rhode Island Red) in the background)

More to follow - we have big day tomorrow... chickens are going to roam free while I clean and alter the interior of the coop.

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