Monday, June 29, 2009

Contact Aurora, Colorado

This is ludicrous.... and ignorant.


You have got to be kidding me!!!! Let's see dogs aren't noisy and dog owners have complete control over their dogs barking. If I think about it... I can hear a dog barking nearly every day and nearly every hour on the hour in my neighborhood. And.... volume... seriously, dogs bark in all pitches, tones and ranges and can bark all night sometimes. And to slap chicken owners with noise and predator tag as an excuse to ban chickens is, well... government intervention of the lamest kind. So, lets think about this. Most cities allow for 3-5 birds. 3-5 birds clucking (Roosters not included in this analysis) sound like music, even pastoral in nature. Chickens... cluck at levels which are low, outside of "egg-laying" where the hen can let it fly, but overall they cluck in a very calming manner. And.. CHICKENS SLEEP! They are like well-trained kids. Sun goes down and viola' they are down. Sun comes up and they get up slowly, happily and even with a little bed-head.

(here is a lightening storm over Aurora - maybe they can ban them too since they are so noisy) Argh! I loathe government when it makes a decision in a vacuum. It only perpetuates the fact they can't govern, they are miserable custodians of our money and the time this money affords them to govern and, ultimately, become meddlers in all our business. I am sorry, if I've offended anyone here, but this is a pathetic excuse for banning chickens. How about banning pool pumps? We have pools surrounding us and they hum all day and loudly. How about leaf blowers, mowers, motorcycles... I am spent.


  1. Here is one that will really get your blood boiling:

    I am with the chickens! They are good for us to have around, and we could all benefit from a little return to pastoral goodness.

  2. well, to say owners of dogs have COMPLETE control is a bit of an overstatement (I have 2, and the terrier? Only quiet if I'm right there with her 24/7/365. Not possible).

    I have no problem with people owning chickens though (or geese, or ducks, or turkeys).

    Just so long as they keep the livestock out of our yard. My dogs are hunting dogs and I try to be as responsible as I can by keeping them contained.

  3. Hi "Becomming Mommy" - I was being facetious when I said dog-owners have complete control over their dogs - most don't as you noted. I am glad to hear you don't have a problem with chickens, they really are cool pets - food producers. And I agree, there needs to be some control over all "domestic" pets whether foul or four legged.