Sunday, June 28, 2009

The Straw-Bale of Fun

So here they all are. Prior to leaving this morning, I let them out to roam about the cabin, stretch their legs, have a smoke, or scratch in their case... and poof! They all jump on to the straw bale and begin scratching this thing to crumbs. Whatever is in this thing, drives them mad. Pictured here are Millie, far left rear end pointing due north, Scat (Buff), Hoot (gorgeous Arcauna, white and gray), Kapalua (Arcauna that must have a guilty conscious because she jumps and runs at the slightest disturbance), Loa (foreground, Arcauna) and Sunny (Buff)...

I am looking forward to this long weekend coming up. Getting auto-watering set-up, sprinklers for the garden and planning on the tilapia pond. Oh, yeah and running the CAT5 cable for the webcam. So this webcam will be controlled by you - meaning you will be able to move it left, right, up and down and even zoom it in and out.

The mister saved their bacon again today. It was 104 and a little humid - I am a west coaster, we have no idea what humid is, so I am not complaining - it just had a little more humidity than normal which makes me want to eat more avocado and acai berries and chase celebrities across earthquake damaged roads.

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