Thursday, July 2, 2009

Buff In The Corn!

Sounds very weird. A little Vegas-like, or some strange San Francisco parody of the midwest. We are letting these birds have fun and boy are they. They sit in the corn and act like they've landed in Hawaii for vacation. I need to get back to Hawaii. I love that place. I have been fortunate to have spent, all totalled, 18 months in Hawaii. I highly recommend it. Paia on the island of Maui would work well for everyone on this blog. Or, the Big Island of Hawaii. There is a lot going on in Paia, Haiku and further in to Hana, Maui that is very country. I will try to report on some Hawaii chickens, but they are hard to get to talk, they are always surfing and drinking beer. Sounds fun!

Anyway, the birds are beginning to make clucking noises... they are around 8 weeks and from what I understand clucking comes around 9 weeks.

I rigged up the water line for the Auto-Wata... system... man that is most riduclous name for this thing. I can't get past it...

I need to finish painting this thing and put some cedar shakes on the roof... Enjoy

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