Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Egg Nutritional Standards

OK, so spent the better part of the day digging a sprinkler trench for the coop and the garden. I was warned by the wife; "Finish the project". I think I am like a lot of husbands or puppys... where I see something shiney and get easily distracted. Literally, I was digging the trench, dug up some brick, got distracted by the "thought" of "brick" and went to my courtyard and began mapping out the new "brick" courtyard. I lost an hour dreaming. My wife had left to visit my sistter-in-law who had some surgery for breast cancer... and I was determined to finish the project and not eat crow... or chicken. Anywho, 25 trips to ACE Hardware to pick up some stoooopid PVC fitting and I had the sprinkler done by 4:00pm with all the drip system in, plus an automatic waterer for the chicks.
This isn't me. I am not this organized or neat. A mat for dirt? This guy grabbed a string line and a tape measure and did it right. I simply dig.
Further to the title of this entry, I have made contact with a lab who will do the testing to the standards for the eggs. I will report more as time allows.

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