Thursday, July 2, 2009

Bucolic sounds as they romp off into the garden to be frightened by every wind swept breeze or noise. Since I have 5 days off over the July 4th holiday, I am trying to make it my habit to get some coffee at Peet's, come home, let the chicks out and take a seat. It is better than any entertainment I could buy. Each one having it's own personality and each one fixated on a
different morsel. As soon as one looks like it has scored a sloppy worm, they all run to it in hopes of getting a bite. Most are getting wise to this gang-up mentality and are getting their food and sauntering off like it is no big deal - "I am just heading over here to look for food" as they have a 4 inch worm hanging out of their mouth. Then once out of sight, they sling it around like they are wrestling and anaconda.

They are definately drawn the base of the corn stalks, not sure why, but who cares.. it is fun to watch. All six are in this picture... Loa, Millie, Kapalua (kook), Sunny, Hoot, Scat.

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