Friday, July 3, 2009

Chicken Breed 101

I am going to, once in a while, drop a blog on a breed...

Today's Breed?

Ameraucana, Arcauna, Easter Egger - the breed is actually from Chile (Columbia - prior to that Chile) and named after a Chilean indian tribe who raised them. They are not a pure breed, but were APA accepted in 1984.

They are known to be fairly calm and not aggressive. Our Arcauna's Loa, Kapa and Hoot... are the most skitish of the group by far, but that may be because we scream a lot.... not true, but they are the most jumpy.

The Arcauna is known for its eggs. They lay real easter eggs, blue, green, voilets, pale yellows among
other pastel type colors. The Arcauna is also known for their hardiness, typcially resistant to disease, cold and addictions - gambling, drinking and smoking... really a good role model for your kids and our politicians!

They purportedly mature early. Ours have definately matured much quicker than our other birds. Here is an Arcauna. Pretty cool bird.

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