Sunday, July 12, 2009

Coop Modifications....

Oh thank goodness for the person who invented "hooks". I guess it wouldn't be that tough, nature shows us hooks in numerous spots...namely - thorns.

Anyway, today we freshened up the coop with some new straw and kept the ABM bedding material. I put a posting up a number of weeks ago and am so impressed with this stuff I am floored. Really, six chickens eating us out of house and home produce truck-loads of manure. This ABM material literally soaks it up, sucks the heat out of it and allows you to rake the doody out semi-attached to the waste, kind of a clumping of sorts. Clumping makes it easy to rake out, scoup up and drop into the compost pile. Here is the M.O. on the ABM and the link... in fact.. I am posting the link on the blog. I am going to put links up here for winner products and processes. ABM has me sold. So, the company is Eagle Valley Animal Bedding.

"Welcome to a better way to keep your animals cleaner, drier and safer. Introducing Eagle Valley Advanced Bedding Management (ABM), an improved bedding material designed to meet the needs of today’s equine, family livestock and small animal breeders and enthusiasts. Eagle Valley ABM is manufactured of 100% whitewood with approximately 4% moisture content. This makes our product more absorbent than traditional wood shavings, crumbled newspaper or corn cob materials. Compared to regular wood shavings, our product will absorb more moisture, greatly suppresses ammonia, and provides a cleaner, safer and more pleasant living environment for your animals. Pine, a natural deodorizer, controls ammonia the natural way. There are NO ADDITIVES or CHEMICALS in our production process. Eagle Valley ABM will keep your stalls, cages or pens drier, brighter and healthier."
"Research studies conducted by many universities have hailed the benefits of wood pelletized bedding for animals of all types. Moreover, the performance qualities far outweigh traditional wood shavings 9 to 1. Waste from the stall is greatly reduced and the material that is removed with the waste is completely bio-degradable.
Safety FirstEagle Valley ABM is a crumbled, densified bedding designed for traction during initial application. It doesn't slip and slide like many wood pellet materials.
Faster Absorption RateThe increased surface area of Eagle Valley ABM versus full pellet bedding means ABM absorbs urine quicker, pulling it into the wood cells and keeping your stalls, stables, cages and pens dryer. (click here- Eagle Valley ABM vs. Shavings- you’ll see for yourself."
Again, a 4 x 8 coop with 6 chickens...(one we think is a rooster...but no crowing yet). In fact, I am thinking of taking a picture of Kapalua and posting it for you all. I will guarantee you will think this is a rooster.
Anyway, seriously look in to using ABM it has become a lifesaver for me. I am not a paid consultant or shill for them either.
I have to go to bed, beauty takes time...and it usually involves a lot of sleep.

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