Wednesday, July 15, 2009


I am unsure about certain things; eating pizza or steak and sipping wine for breakfast, Karaoke, riding a bike without a helmet, going into debt (sans house/car), eating the stuff Andrew Zimmern eats on the Travel Channel... and TWITTER.

I have thought about using the account I've established as a mode of communication, but am a little reticent, because it fly's in the face of gentleman farmer! You know? I am really torn, it would be, could be fun, but there is a point of too much - overload.

I am curious as to what you all think....


  1. I definately don't twitter. I just started blogging a few months back with the purpose of documenting our progress from purchasing land to homesteading of sorts. I started a Facebook account very recently and have now made contact with old friends I haven't seen in 20 years. Our 20 yr hs reunion is next month, so I think people are making connections again in relation to that.

  2. I enjoy "Twitter" Ive met alot of great gardeners and have learned alot from them. Its a great place to network and share ideas! Give it a cpl weeks, if you dont like it, delete your acct. If you decide to try it, say Hi! 4bratz2luv is my twitter name!

  3. Twitter isn't overload unless you follow too many people. I follow people who are a) edtech folks, b) environmental/gardening folks, or c) friends. The other item that could either make or break your Twitter habit is the software you use. I use Tweetdeck here on my iBook, but the FF Twitkit add-on on my iMac and my school PC. I like Twitkit better because it's a side-bar I can open or close depending on whether I have enough time to pay attention.


    ps. I love your chicken fables! My kids and I are busily trying to convince my husband that we need 2 or 3 chickens to add to my gardening/backyard farm habit...