Saturday, July 18, 2009

Hot Day and Pecking Away...

By now you know I am in California and in most cases, the weather here is moderate to hot. Rarely is it cold. I think I remember a morning when it was 11 degrees in 1993 and last summer I was driving home from work and it was 117. On these hotter days, it is simply hot, not humid. Recently, however the weather forecasters have predicted El Nino, which is a warming of the waters off our coast, which ultimately drives warmer weather storms up here. This means we might get out of our drought this winter, since in past El Nino winters it has rained non-stop. However, I have noticed something lately - humidity. This morning it was 45% and 80 degrees at 9:00am. This is incredibly odd, but showing up more and more. I checked the weather station about 30 minutes ago (2:00pm) and it was 95 with 25% humidity and tons of stratus clouds in the sky. I let the chickens out for a while and they ran straight for the garden, scratched, dirt bathed it and have parked themselves there like a family on a picnic. I think I am going to leave them there and let my nephew round them up tonight and tuck them in with the blankies.

A couple new purchases -

I bought a 12lb feeder and hung it in the coop - genius... it is perfect.

I graduated the birds to Layena.... which is suppose to support calcium in the shell and Vitamin E in the yolk. We'll see since I am having my eggs tested for nutritional content. The were suspicious of the new feeder - in fact - they looked liked they were being held up in the coop.. all lined up against a wall waiting for the their pictures to be snapped.

Here is the recent picture of them grazing and the Layena...

Off to Santa Barbara....

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