Thursday, July 16, 2009

Giant Zucchini

Yipee... I think I let this one go a little long and it might have gone heavily to seed, but WHO CARES! Perfect for zucchini bread or shredded with some Padano cheese.

So, I started waxing poetic tonight, because I went out and cut two more of these zucchini's an Italian squash, plus giant parsley, sweet basil and some cilantro. How much cooler can this be. Growing your own food? It is awesome. Typically we take these and slice them, dredge in egg (anybody need a chicken?) and then bread it, fry it, then bake with cheese, tomato sauce and some parsley. Man I am hungry... gotta go


  1. Mmmm! How about, slice in half lengthwise, scoop out seedy part and chop. Saute with onions and corn and add some chopped tomato at the end. Mix in a litte breadcrumb if dry, stuff into zucchini and top w/cheese and bake or grill until the zucchini is a little soft (15 minutes?)