Sunday, July 12, 2009

A Slight Digression...

I am sorry, but last night we got to see something not normally seen. This author lives in the San Francisco Bay Area... and instead of losing brain cells to TV, we opted to go for a drive. What we got to see was unprecedented for us.

First it was raining - It never rains in the summer - ever.
Second we saw a double rainbow...

This picture is looking southeast which would be overlooking Oakland Hills and the picture below this is looking towards San Francisco and the Bay Bridge.

More chicken fun later today... they are all out in the garden at present and I need to get back there and start digging my pond.


  1. Thanks for posting that wonderful picture! What a sight a double rainbow! Lets hope there was double pot of gold at the end lol!

  2. It was a sight to behold. Then turning to your right and looking over the San Francisco Bay was incredible