Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Sunflower Progress...

I am knot speling wehl...

Honestly, this thing is attracting attention. It is like we are bragging about a child.

"Yeah, it's ours...I know, I know, 12 heads, gorgeous yellow hair, it's a superstar!"...

OK maybe an alien child, with the 12 heads, but seriously, I have not seen anything like this before, although we grew a Sunflower a few years ago, that when I ultimately pulled it down, I nearly threw my back out due to it's size. I would guess it was about 17 inches across and was a "freak" of nature. Like me!

We now have pumpkin shoots that appear to move when you walk by them, like a Venus-Flytrap. I keep thinking it is going to grab my ankle and drag me into the garden never to be
seen again. If Stephen King was reading this he'd have himself a new novel. One I would never read, since his stuff is so foul. I don't know, the world is strange enough, why muck up your life by filling your soul with blood and dismemberment. UGH. And speaking of Venus FlyTrap remember him from WKRP in Cincinnati?

Here is the sunflower, it is stunning and a joy to watch explode.

I am thinking a wall of these across the front of my property, why not. Interesting observation though - we are getting very small birds who perch on the branch, just before it leafs and they peck and eat the leaves. They seem to stay away from this one, but are taking my other ones to town!


  1. this is a sunflower to brag about!! Very unusual!!!

  2. Its Gourgeous! My sunflowers are doing very well also!

  3. WOW~~ I have NEVER seen anything like that before! How cool!